We are auditioning to cast an actor who will play the roles of William Connor and Charles Trevelyan. 

William is a leading vocal role, an Irish man in his late teens or early 20s.  He is idealistic and innocent. He should have a very strong tenor or baritone voice.  His main songs are "I Will Love You When You're Gone" and "William's Reprise," but he sings, speaks, and appears on stage throughout the show. 

Trevelyan, a real historical figure, was the odious British official in charge of Famine relief.  His only scene is the song "Justice for Ireland." 

Actors auditioning for these roles should do the following: 

1.  Please prepare to read the William monologue at page 32 of the script (note that the script itself and the PDF likely have different page numbers.  The monologue is at page 32 of the actual script).  You can read the surrounding scene to get a sense for the context of this monologue. Access the script here: 


2.  Please prepare to sing "William's Reprise" and "Justice to Ireland."  Be prepared to sing each song to a backing track (called "rehearsal demo" in the folders below).  In a Zoom audition, we will ask you to play the backing track from a SEPARATE device and sing along to it.  Do not play it from the computer you're using to conduct the Zoom session.  

Justice to Ireland materials:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/109F0rR4k4bh9bFtT6yfxV0bMp6VpN3O2?usp=sharing

William's Reprise materials: 

3.  Please also be prepared to read the text of "Justice to Ireland" to us in an RP accent.